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The director of the National Civil Police (Policía Nacional Civil – PNC), Howard Cotto, stated the municipal government purchased cell phones, vehicles and fuel for gang members that facilitated their.

These will operate under the coordination of the National Civil Police (Policía Nacional Civil). Additionally, the presidency plans to present a new initiative to strengthen asset seizure laws in.

To prevent a security vacuum from occuring, the country’s National Police (Policía Nacional de Colombia – PNC) is trying to increase its 184,000-person force by 10,000 recruits per year. Yet, as WOLA.

These changes are part of a project under way since last year through which domestic security will become the sole responsibility of the National Police (Policía Nacional Civil – PNC). In December.

Sources inside the criminal investigations division of the Colombian National Police (Policía Nacional de Colombia – PNC) suggest that much of the money circulating in these lending rings can be.

“These subjects, when they first engage with the customers, appear friendly and sympathetic in order to ingratiate themselves with the clients,” said Luis Montoya, the former director general of.

During congressional testimony on Central American insecurity, a top US drug official intimated a controversial gang truce could be to blame for El Salvador’s alarming. comments are perhaps the.

February 12, 2014 Caracas Attack of student protesters by Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional (SEBIN) Death of Bassil Alejandro Dacosta High Feb. 12 Caracas Attack of student protesters by.

Dalton also initiated the investigation of José Natividad Luna Perera, alias “Chepe Luna,” a leader of Los Perrones who was able to infiltrate El Salvador’s National Civil Police (Policía Nacional.

The WhatsApp group chat is not officially linked to the National Civil Police (Policía Nacional Civil – PNC). It is an informal chat between police officers and civilians united by a single thing: the.

This law called for the creation of the new Policia Nacional, the new security university, as well as the General Police Council (Consejo General de Policia, CGP), which presides over the.

The four work with what is known as the Special Reaction Forces (Fuerza Especializada de Reacción – FES) of the National Civilian Police (Policia Nacional Civil – PNC), an elite unit created by the.

The inhabitants of the world’s most violent country have been spending more than $1.5 million. the National Civil Police (Policia Nacional Civil – PNC), and the Attorney General’s office. None of.

Despite the use of advanced technology by authorities to combat drug smuggling to the United. Antinarcóticos – DAN), part of of the National Police (Policía Nacional Civil – PNC), says that drug.

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Between July 23 and August 30, 2004, the National Civil Police (Policía Nacional Civil – PNC) reported the arrest of 19,275 alleged gang members. Of them, 91% (17,540) were freed almost immediately.

According to the ICD’s 2017 National Situation of Drugs and Related Activities (Situación Nacional Sobre Drogas y Actividades Conexas de 2017) report, recent seizures recorded a significant increase.

In particular, a report by Prensa Libre found the 9mm pistol has been the weapon most commonly confiscated by Guatemala’s National Police (Policía Nacional Civil – PNC), especially from gang members.

The move was met by a rare, stern and public rebuke by the private sector. The government dismissed Nery Ramos, director of the National Civilian Police (Policía Nacional Civil — PNC), as well as.

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SEE ALSO: Texis Cartel News and Profile After years of the Salvadoran justice system avoiding taking action against Salazar Umaña, on April 4, the National Civil Police (Policía Nacional Civil – PNC).